Changing the Channel. A Poem

The channel had flipped again

Spinning in a universe trapped in a…

A what?

The drunken lines of an unconscious mind

suffocated me

Making me dizzy enough to pass out

Then, when i regained my sense of being

the alienation resumed as the

aroma of colour exploded in my lungs

He was holding it up again

It changed

Could this be the remote of a solely static TV?

The chaos amplified

I could no longer see

But what did it mean to see?

A pulsating stream of colour pumped into the sockets of my eyes

He picked it up again


Stop changing the channel.

This poem written by me stemmed from the image above. To the ordinary eye it looks like a “creative” mess to an Arts student it could resemble the map of the inner paranoia from the mind of a schizophrenic patient. I intended to channel this lense adding an intriguing twist on an unusual painting. Here the speaker is trapped in a Tv though she is aware of this she still questions here surrounding often questioning the arbitrary nature of sight; more so out of curiosity than fear. This image reminded me of a static Tv hence why I wanted that notion to be in the background. Moreover the conspiracy theory of our lives being controlled by higher beings in a game called “life” appealed to me so I decided to create a spin off using the image as guidance. I hope one day we all find out who our player is in this game, called life.

By Samirah Bangura

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