Labia Asif's Artwork

"Texture has recently become the driving force of my artwork and I aim to capture and share the interesting textures in our environment with the viewer. I see art in mundane, overlooked places like roads or the corner of a park. I like to capture the details which are often missed and show off the character of the environment. My main method of recording is photographing because I love experimenting with different angles of an area and I like that the sharpness of the camera can pick up on tiny details which the eye cannot."

"(still a working progress)"

"A corner of my garden on a rainy day."

"Artwork inspired by the photograph."

"This photograph was taken on the way to the train station one day after college. The arrangement of the cigarettes really caught my eye. I often find myself taking out my camera to snap a quick photograph while I am on the way to college or running errands."

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