Celebrating Culture Day at LAET

Updated: May 12


This term, students in year 12 focused on the power of culture and identity during their pastoral sessions. Embracing not only their own, but their peers' cultures as well, leading to an exceptionally memorable experience if attending school in their ethnic clothes or colours that represented their culture.

LAET not only provides a ground for very capable students to flourish into successful adults, but emphasises on the importance of forming a community where no one is marginalised. The activities in pastoral sessions aim for people to be comfortable sharing their identities to one another and feel proud of their backgrounds. Culture day was an fantastic way of demonstrating the diversity within the school. Everyone had the opportunity to showcase their beautiful cultures and show respect to others. During the school day, students enjoyed the cultural food the canteen team had made and played music during lunch, taking in suggestions from students.

Overall, it was a great way for people to express themselves, and an eventful day that no student will forget.

Fariha Hoque

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