Dear Future Student... 1

Dear Future Student,

LAET for me was a fresh start into a new environment, society and myself. I'm so glad to have chosen this school as it has allowed me to be independent and has introduced many opportunities. Despite the challenges we have had to face as a school due to Covid, I could have never imagined any of us coming back stronger and more eager to get things done, yet we did :) If you're looking for a new beginning into a new environment and an insane work ethic that pushes you to excel in any aspect of your knowledge, I suggest LAET.

Dear Future Student,

Don't be scared about 4 A Levels, I think it was one of the most unique opportunities I've received in my life where I could actually see my academic strengths and failures. I believe sticking to an organised timetable can be helpful and please don't leave your homework to the 'free' before it is due. Online learning at LAET is very helpful and most teachers embrace it fully so nothing will change from physical school except having structure to your day and seeing friends etc.

Dear Future LAET Student,

Welcome to a school where learning takes place in many different faces. You are guaranteed to grow in personal development as well as in your chosen subject areas. You will be in an environment where your voice & opinions matter, a bit of advice! Don't cruise your A-levels, this isn't GCSE's and you won't get away with doing the barest minimum. Try your absolute hardest in each and every lesson and make it your number 1 priority to be the best you can be every single day you step foot into the building. There's a big world out there but trust and believe that you will succeed. You have everything you need to thrive inside of you! Use it, you've got THIS!!! :)

Dear Future Maths students,

The subject itself is good with interesting content to learn that will benefit you in various ways, however a few pieces of advice I would give is that it is essential to stay on top of work and make sure you go over notes and past papers. This will help you consolidate your learning and will help you massively in the long run!

Dear Future psychology student,

Psychology is probably one of the most interesting subjects you'll ever study. From learning about Zimbardo's unethical experiment to attachment in animals and even learning about why certain behaviours such as conformity are so apparent in everyday life. You'll learn about a range of psychologists and experiments which will show you the importance of psychology in the world. All in all I think psychology is the perfect subject for you if you are ready to delve into the scientific study of the mind and behaviour.

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