An Interview with Student President Casano Kirlew

Over half-term, our team reached out to students and had some conversations in which we gathered some common questions or concerns among Year 12. These questions were posed to co-president Casano Kirlew, who kindly offered us his perspective:

Interviewer: How would you handle a student request that the teachers disapproved of?

Casano: The most important thing to remember in that situation is communication. For something like this, there is usually a reason why a teacher would do this. Depending on the request I would like to hear what the students and the teachers want to say, together and with this, I'm sure that we can come to a mutual agreement that ensures both parties are happy.

Interviewer: What are the big issues at the moment and how do you plan on bringing attention to them?

Casano: The issues that I believe are the most important are the ones that I stated in my campaign video. Mostly due to covid 19, there is a disconnect between students and teachers, I plan to help get rid of this so that students feel open and ready to talk to teachers if any issues arise so that they can focus on their schoolwork and mental health.

Interviewer: How do you plan to promote the personal growth of the students?

Casano: Personal growth comes from within a person and everyone has the ability to do great things, outside and inside of school. To promote growth, I would encourage all students to take some time out of the day to focus on themselves to focus on their skills, knowledge, and personal qualities. It could be improving your time management or learning new things.

Interviewer: How do you plan to promote the academic growth of the students?

Casano: Similar to personal growth, one of the ways students can do this is by setting high expectations for themselves (make sure they are achievable and OK for you) -- this could be with attainment or study wise. I believe there is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition and having competition academically is a good motivator. Also, it would be wise to adopt an academic mindset to improve students academic performance and confidence.

Interviewer: Are there any new policies you would like to implement or old ones you would like to amend, and how would you do this?

Casano: Policy-wise perhaps more opportunities for student-led clubs I have spoken with various students about this and it seems like a good idea. One thing that many students desperately want (including myself) is the opportunity to do sports or at least any type of physical activities at our time at LAET. Due to covid restrictions, this won’t happen for the foreseeable future.

Interviewer: How would you make someone comfortable to approach you if they were reluctant to do so?

Casano: If someone wanted to request something of me but didn’t want to do so in person, I am always available by email :) I encourage all students to come to talk to me or Rachael about anything. Also, when school opens I can always talk to the student personally.

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